Frequently Asked Questions

In the unlikely case there is a power outage and the Cube shuts down or restarts, all data not located in /root/data will be deleted. Please always backup all your important data to root/data.
We ask for your email address and send you a verification email. We also ask for your phone number, address and language. These settings can be modified at any time.
Via email, phone/Whatsapp or Smartsupport. All relevant contact information can be found in the Contact section on the Cubelogy website.
If your Cube is not responding, has a faulty GPU or any other problem, you can make a claim by yourself simply by pressing the Claim button after logging into your account. IMPORTANT: Claiming a Cube this way will immediately assign you with a new Cube, thus deleting ALL YOUR DATA, even those in root/data. If you wish to retain your data, please contact support.
If you extend BEFORE your lease period expires, you will keep your Cube and all of your data in root/data. However, if you extend AFTER the lease period has ended, you will lose all your data in root/data.
We are currently accepting credit card payments, BTC and bank transfers. There are some limits however. For credit card payments, the limits have been set to 2000 EUR, 2000 USD or 50 000 CZK. Payments by BTC and bank transfer are unlimited. Do note that you need to have 3D secure enabled by your bank.
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